Intake Process

Introductory Meeting

If you are interested in a Glen Eden program, please contact us either by phone at (604) 821-1457 or email at If Glen Eden seems like a potential fit for your child, an introductory meeting will be arranged with our Executive Director and/or Director of Applied Research (at no charge to the parent).  You will be asked to bring copies of medical, psychological and educational reports to this meeting, the main purpose of which is to exchange information between Glen Eden, the parent(s) and /or third party agencies in order to determine if the child is a suitable candidate for enrollment.  After the introductory meeting, you will receive an intake package to take home, including a developmental history questionnaire. This information will be reviewed at a follow up meeting should you decide that Glen Eden is a good fit for your child.

Observational Visit

The Director may ask for an observation visit with the potential student to determine appropriateness. Glen Eden does not formally re-test the potential student; observational information and prior test results provided by the parents are used to determine the child’s appropriateness for the program. The Director will assess all information and make a determination if the child is suitable for admission to the program. The parents are consulted during this process. Glen Eden may exclude children who are determined to be inappropriate for the program. Once the child has been determined an appropriate candidate, the child may be enrolled.