Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glen Eden?
Glen Eden is a clinically based program that is  an accredited (B.C.) and approved (U.S.) special education school. We offer personally designed therapeutic programs for a range of complex conditions within an educational environment.

How is Glen Eden Different?
Glen Eden offers personalized  treatment approaches  for children, adolescents, and young adults whose conditions are too complex or severe to be treated or even managed by any other program, either public or private. Each approach is unique and specific to the individual.

What can Glen Eden do for my Child?
Beginning in 1984, our treatment and evidence–based outcomes have exceeded parental and medical expectations.  With the complexity of our students, we see success in three stages.  First, we achieve clinical stability in a controlled environment.  Second, the individual begins to display improved self-regulation and self-awareness.  Finally, the individual shows improved social-emotional functioning with peers and a readiness for general instruction without support. In other words, first the student learns to trust us, then himself/herself, then others.

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